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We are a privately owned international aviation engineering and trading company headquartered in Spring Hill,
Florida, USA.

Aviation power group was established in 1998 by a group of aerospace industry veterans and is comprised of three business disciplines, all focused on the commercial aircraft and engine maintenance support sector:

- Engine overhaul management programs
- Trading of engine parts and aircraft components
- Serviceable and runout engines trading

Each of these capabilities is used either independently or integrated under our engine management program to provide added value to our customers, reducing engine maintenance cost.

In 2002 we opened our offices in Israel where we provide similar services to the local Aviation Industry, and to our European customers.

In 2015 we opened our office in China where we provide similar services to customers.


Ilan Sandler
Aviation Power Group President
The founder of the Group, with vast knowledge and experience in the industry, having served as IAI Engine div. general manager, VP marketing at IAI Bedek and many more.
E-mail: ilsandler@aviation-power.com

Lew Eastman
General Manager
Aviation Power,USA
Lew has many years of aviation experience, Lew has been with API since its beginnings as corporate secretary and keeps a skillful eye on our inventory and finance.

Bobby Wechsler
VP Operations
Aviation Power,Israel
With 10 years expirience as logistics and sales support manager in the field of airparts procurement, Bobby is a true professional, handing the most demanding part requirements of APL's customers, always orchestrating a number of repair and subcontracting projects simultaneously.

Ofer Bin
Engineering Manager
Aviation Power, Israel
An expert in reverse engineering, part repair,quality and production of engine parts, Ofer leads our engineering team since 2002.
E-Mail: Ofer@aviation-power.com

Shachar Avidar
Logistic Support
Aviation Power, Israel
Shachar handles APIs customer's part requirements, responding immediatley to RFQ's and assists with repair and subcontracting operations.
E-Mail: shachar@aviation-power.com

Lili Wan
Sales and Support
Aviation Power Wuxi, China
Lily handles APIs customer's engines and part requirements in China, responding immediatley to RFQ's and assists with promoting sales
E-Mail: wanlili8810@163.com
E-mail: sales@aviationpower.cn