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Our Services

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Shop Visit Planning & Management

Analyzing your engine fleet parameters and taking into account your needs and goals as a Leasing company/Airline, we can create an optimized work scope for your engine and plan provisioning the high value materials in advance. This is the key factor that will lead to major savings.

Every time one of your engines is in the shop, one of our experienced professionals will oversee the entire process and work together with the engine shop to make sure the turn time is met at minimum cost with maximum reliability.

Engine Records Review and Completion

Engine life limited parts (LLP) require comprehensive analysis of each part's Back-To-Birth documents. Our experience and well established industry network can assist you with professional analysis and bridging information gaps.   

Expert Opinions

Aviation Power team's accumulated 180 years of experience in the engine maintenance business is at your service in judicial proceedings involving engine claims. We will provide our analysis in support of your dispute.

Teardown and repair management

Aviation Power can help you extract value from aging engines. We have vast experience with tearing down engines and returning valuable parts to service, in your next engine shop visit or the open aftermarket.

We are an FAA approved supplier to major airlines and repair shops and we manage the repairs and your inventory from our warehouse in accordance with our AC00-56A certified quality system.