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Our Services

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Engine Evaluation

Knowing the fair market value of your assets (and that of candidates to be purchased for your fleet), in accordance with current engine market trends is of great importance.

When evaluating an engine, we thoroughly examine the engines life-limited-parts' (LLPs) back to birth traceability and the engine's comprehensive repair history, for a clear estimation on the future operation and maintenance of the engine.

Shop Selection

Different repair stations have different capabilities that can influence turnaround time; each engine repair or part repair has its own variables. That's why choosing the right MRO is critical for keeping maintenance cost down. Aviation Power's existing business relationships with MRO facilities, along with our vast experience can assist you with making the right decision on each case.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Having provided support for many airlines and leasing companies, together with our experts' background, we have accumulated many contract analysis and project negotiation hours, from all sides of the table.

Final Invoice Reviews

Comprised of many line items, an engine repair invoice can be overwhelming. Aviation Power's establish analysis methods along with our experience in reviewing hundreds of invoices, will insure that you pay exactly for what you got and nothing more.